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Welcome to linuxjust4u.com

Thanks for checking out our site. If you’re looking for the place from where you can get any technical help in IT field, at where you can share you own views with others , where you can discuss on any technical query. You’ve come to the right place.

linuxjust4u.com We have technical expertise in IT field with 11+ years of experience and now we decided to share our experience with you .We help individuals and small businesses get started on the internet. We do it because I love solving problems and helping people.

The main focus of this blog site is Linux and Open Source Technologies.

We will be posting instruction guides, How-2’s, troubleshooting tips and tricks Linux and open source technologies. Our focus is to write articles that will either teach you or help you resolve a problem.

In addition to Linux and open source technologies, occasionally we will also publish articles in the following categories.

1.      Databases (Oracle, MySQL, etc.)

2.      Cloud Technologies

3.      Security (Firewall, Network, Online Security, etc.)

4.      Storage/Data Backup over SAN/SAS/NAS devices

5.      Cool gadgets and websites

6.      Productivity (Too many technologies to explore, not much time available)

7.      Website Design

8.      Software Development


   Amitesh Ojha                 Yogendra Rathore

amitesh@linuxjust4u.com    yogendra@linuxjust4u.com


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