20 Linux Virtualization Interview Questions and Answers

Q:1 What is Virtualization ? Ans: Virtualization is a technique for creating virtual resources (rather than the actual) such as server, storage device, network  and Operating system. Virtualization is dis-associating the tight bond between software and hardware. Q:2 What are the different types of  Virtualization ? Ans: Virtualization can be used in different ways  and  […]

Linux Interview Question and Answer

Q1)What is the difference between chmod and chown. Chmod change  the file/directory permission The Chown to change the ownership of a file or directory and ownership away to someone else. Q2)How to check the default run level. Cat /etc/inittab or who –r Q3)What is the ID for Logical volume management? LVM Id: 8e Q4)What is […]

OpenStack Interview Questions

Question1 – difference between cloud and virtualizationVirtualization is technology that separates functions from hardware, while clouds rely on that split. … Assuming intranet access, internet access, or both is already established, virtualization is what creates clouds. Software called a hypervisor sits on top of physical hardware and abstracts the machine’s resources. Question2- different cloud vendors […]

Install Oracle Database 12c on RHEL/CentOS 7

Contents Document Overview:-. 2 Prerequisites: 2 Preparing for Oracle 12c Installation. 2 To begin, make sure that all the packages currently installed on your RHEL/CentOS 7system are updated to their latest versions. 2 Next, installed all the required dependencies for the RDBMS, along with the zip and unzip packages. 2 Create the user account and groups for […]

How to Encrypt Your Bash Shell Script on Linux Using SHC

Encryption is the most important part in network security. To encrypt our bash shell script in linux we can use SHC which stands for shell script compiler. By the SCH you can encrypt your bash shell script. 1. Download shc and install it Download shc and install it as shown below. # wget # tar […]

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) :- How to monitor and restart the VERITAS Private Branch Exchange pbx_exchange process   Manual:  VERITAS Infrastructure Core Services ™ Installation Guide for UNIX (located in the docs directory on either the UNIX or Windows version of the VERITAS Infrastructure Core Services CD) Starting and Stopping the ICS What is PBX? The VERITAS […]

NetBackup Interview Questions – 2

  1. There is a Tape library with 10 drives …Can we able to create 2 Storage units…..? 2. There are 1000 Client machines , 999 machines are transfering datas in good speed but one client machine is taking too long to transfer a datas ….. that is …backup should complete within 2 hours ..but […]

NetBackup Interview Questions – 1

  1.What is the diff between Netbackup .6x and previous verison 2.what are the files backedup under catalog backups can i recover an corrupted image can i recover images from expired tapes 5.what is nbnos process for 6.what is ACSLS? 7.what is diff between volume pool and Volume group can i find […]

Netbackup Status codes

Veritas Netbackup Status Code 0 the requested operation was successfully completed 1 the requested operation was partially successful 2 none of the requested files were backed up 3 valid archive image produced, but no files deleted due to non-fatal problems 4 archive file removal failed 5 the restore failed to recover the requested files 6 […]