NetBackup Interview Questions – 1


1.What is the diff between Netbackup .6x and previous verison
2.what are the files backedup under catalog backups can i recover an corrupted image can i recover images from expired tapes
5.what is nbnos process for
6.what is ACSLS?
7.what is diff between volume pool and Volume group can i find the duplicate of an image and how can i find the number of copies for that image
9.what is PBX?
10.Installation process for NBU 6.x
11.what is the client version supported by netbackup 6.x and 5.x masters can i find the list of FS backed up in a server
13.what is Ec 58,57,59,41,42,48,23,2,1,71,196,84,96,98,240,236,150,11,5,9,12,13,14,800,252 is a image stored in netbackup?
15.what is SAN media server can i figure out media id if i missed the physical lable on it can we assign barcode rules
18.what is retention and where can i define the retentions.
19.i am not able to browse the files from client BAR gui,what couldbe the reason
20.what is AVR mode? can i share silo between two media serves?
22.what is bpsched replaced with in netbackup 6
23.what is Unified logging
24.which deamons uses legacy logging will netbackup decide to make a drive down
25 what is frozen media and suspended meida
26what are the diff media states
27.what is vaulting used for can i recover my netbackup state from catalog backups
29.i have a mixed env with Media server running at 6.0 and 5.x,how can 5,x media server update the EMM db on master?what is the command used? can i say if a tape is being currently used for backup ?
31.what is VSS ans VSp
32.what is flash backup
33.what is the backup limit supported by client running on 4.5


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